Martine is the cute and adventurous 10 year-old heroine of a beloved series of children’s books written in French by poet Gilbert Delahaye and beautifully illustrated by Marcel Marlier. 

The first Martine book, Martine à la ferme (Martine at the Farm), was published in the French language in 1954 and was immediately popular. Since then, the Martine children’s book series, which now features dozens of titles, has gone on to become a worldwide publishing phenomenon that spans generations and is still going strong six decades later.

Martine books have enduring worldwide popularity because they offer something for everyone to enjoy. Children especially relate to Martine because she is surrounded by good friends, loving family and cute animals, also because many of Martine’s adventures take place in common settings like the zoo (Martine au zoo), the circus (Martine au cirque) or the mountains (Martine à la montagne).

Marcel Marlier’s beautiful and detailed illustrations of settings, people and animals really bring the stories to life for adults and children alike.

Additionally, one series of Martine hardcover books are accompanied by audio CDs, making them excellent tools for adults and children learning to speak and read the French language.

French Books Online offers a wide selection of Martine children's books in French.

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