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Inspector Maigret books in French

Posted by Brent on 12/16/2013
Jules Maigret is one of the best-known and most enduring characters in French language 
detective fiction, and may be likened to the Sherlock Holmes of French mystery literature.   

The detective hero of dozens of short novels and stories written in French, Inspector Maigret is the most famous character created by Georges Simenon, a prolific author of French mystery novels and stories. Simenon mysteries are both immensely popular and well-reviewed by literary critics. 

Written between 1930 and 1972, Maigret mysteries are deeply psychological in nature. A recurring theme is that while Maigret is relentlessly dedicated to capturing murderers, he is often depressed by their ultimate imprisonment. 

This is because Inspector Maigret's powers are more intuitive than deductive. Like a method actor, Maigret strives to thoroughly assume his killer’s identity by thinking, acting and becoming like his quarry, in order to achieve deep understanding of the suspect’s motives. 

While this unique method is effective at solving murder mysteries, it presents a danger to Maigret, as he becomes so empathically entwined with the murderer’s emotions and motives that it becomes difficult for him accept killer’s imprisonment or execution, as he feels like an extension of his own identity is being punished. 

French Books Online carries a variety of Maigret books in French, including Les Nouvelles Enquêtes de Maigret, Maigret à Paris, Maigret à Pigalle, Maigret aux Etats-Unis, Maigret dans les environs de Paris, Maigret et la nuit, and Maigret et les caïds.