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Babar the Elephant Books in French

Posted by Brent on 12/26/2013
Since 1931, Babar the Elephant has been one of the most known and beloved children’s characters in the world, and the cartoon elephant’s fans span generations. 

Babar the Elephant books in French may make such excellent bedtime stories for French speaking and reading families because Babar was originally created as a bedtime story by a French family. Cécile de Brunhoff invented Babar for her four and five year old sons, one of whom was sick at the time. 

Her boys enjoyed the story of Babar the Elephant so much that they asked their father, Jean de Brunhoff, a French writer and painter, to illustrate it. 

The first book in the French children's book series, Histoire de Babar, le petit éléphant, tells of how a young Babar is chased from the jungle by the same hunter who has killed his mother. Babar escapes to a big, unnamed city resembling Paris, where he is befriended by a kindly old lady who provides him with clothes and a tutor. Babar eventually returns to the jungle with the valuable life lessons he has learned in the city, and is ultimately crowned King of the Elephants. 

Jean de Brunhoff produced six more Babar the Elephant stories before he died 1937. In 1946 his son Laurent, who grew up to also be a writer and illustrator, took over the series with Babar et Le Coquin d'Arthur, becoming the third family member to tell the story of Babar the Elephant. French Books Online offers a variety of hardcover and paperback Babar the Elephant children’s books in French, including Babar et le père Noël, Babar en famille, Babar en Amérique, and Babar à New York.